athletic meanderings


Random sports thoughts from today:

  • Barcelona took the Champions League trophy today from the clutches of Man U, not only breaking Man U’s unbeaten streak but also making Christiano Ronaldo unhappy. Both of those things make my spring wonderful.
  • The Cavs are down 3-1 to the Magic thereby all but destroying David Stern’s dream matchup of Kobe vs LeBron. In my mind, the Cavs not winning the Finals up the chances of King James in a Knicks jersey. Also a spring treat
  • PTI brought up an interesting thought about Manny making the All Star team this year. While i had not thought about it, it would not surprise me in the least as the AS game is little short of a popularity contest. Every year brings the perennial appointees who are, in most cases, aging vets a la Jeter and Ortiz. I obviously love Jete but there is no question that there are better players at both players respective positions and Derek will make the team. So this year the AL team will probably field Manny and Arod, once loved, now hated but still starters thanks to the online vote. [edit: RAB has a good take on the “popularity” of the pomp and circumstance of the game that counts]
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